children's table how to choose?

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Children's study table, it can be said that now there are children's family's a must have. After all, children's health and development is very important.When choosing a children's learning desk chair, it has done some good work.

If you want to know, select one of the children's learning desks and tables, for reference:

children's desk table study table must be bought?

First of all, the children's learning table is not a necessary item, but as parents now pay more attention to the child's health. The children's learning table has gradually become a special item.
First of all, the children's learning table is not a necessary item, but as parents now pay more attention to the child's health. The children's learning table has gradually become a special item.

1、Children develop quickly, body height changes continuously, and the height of the matching desktop increases continuously. Also, it needs to be adjusted according to different scene changes.
2、Normal chair, the child's legs may not be able to directly step on the ground, which is not conducive to the child's growth and development.

The design of the children's table and chair can meet this demand. The size of the leg is 90 degrees, and it can be directly stepped on the ground.


children's learning table how to choose?

If everyone feels that children's learning table chairs must be bought, then how to select children's learning table chairs also became a very important issue.
1、table board
First of all, the children's learning table and chair set, the safety is definitely to be placed in the first place. The bad wood contains 甲aldehyde, which may cause great harm to the children. Therefore, priority is given to the wood.
Among them, pine and fragrant fir are the most common in children's tables and chairs due to their affordable price.
As long as artificial boards meet national standards, they can be used with confidence.
2. The load-bearing capacity of the table
  Everyone may overlook the load-bearing capacity of the table. But please think carefully:
If a child is naughty, he will climb on the table. Isn’t it scary!
Therefore, the load-bearing capacity of children's tables and chairs must be high, and the material of the table legs should be thickened.
For example, the material of the legs of Sweekids children's tables and chairs can bear a load of up to 100kg, which is reliable!
3. Lifting method
The most important thing about children's learning tables and chairs: the height can be raised and lowered.
Personal suggestion: Give priority to hand lifting
After talking about how to choose a children's study table, let's talk about how to choose a children's study chair? In fact, it is not difficult. It mainly depends on the backrest and adjustable range of the children's learning chair.
1. Children's learning chair backrest
There are two main types of backrests for children's learning chairs: double-backed chairs and single-backed chairs.
The quality between the two is really incomparable. All I can say is that there are many double-backed chairs on the market and they are more expensive.
But as for which one is more suitable, it still depends on the child’s own sitting experience. If possible, take your children to experience it.
2. Adjustable range
As your child grows, the appropriate seat height is bound to change. The adjustable range is very important.

Children's learning chairs mainly have the following three adjustable parts:
Seat cushion lift
Backrest height raising and lowering
Seat cushion front and rear telescopic
You can rest assured that most of these three parts of the chair can be adjusted. Different brands of children's learning tables and chairs have slightly different adjustment ranges and different adjustment methods.

For example, some children's tables and chairs adjust the height through bayonet gears, and some are infinitely adjustable, which means they can be hovered at any height.
3. Gravity locking
When the child sits down, the chair will no longer slide. The chair can only be pushed after the child gets up and leaves the chair.

This is very important and helps keep your child safe. In case there is a situation where the chair is used as a scooter.

Sweekids Children's Ergonomic Adjustable Study Table & Chair 

The tables and chairs are really beautiful. Desks are mostly simple pink or blue. It doesn't look out of place wherever you put it.

The functionality of the table is great.

Suitable age group: 3-18 years old
Chair armrest adjustment: 0-60°
Desktop adjustment: 0-60°
Height: table height 40-52cm, chair height 51-74cm
Paintable desktop: the desktop becomes a drawing board and can be wiped clean in one second。Extra large and extra wide desktop: 100cm extra large desktop, frosted, non-reflective, no eye damage for long-term use.