Shipping Policy


Sweekids only has the capacity to ship orders Philippines. We are not able to offer shipping to other countries or regions at this time. We are also not able to offer shipping to any PO Boxes or APO addresses unless it is linked to a street address, because the Ground service we offer does require a street address to be provided.


Our shipments are delivered via local courier in the Philippines. Under normal circumstances, please allow for up to 1 working day for your order to be processed and 2-7 working days for your package to be fulfilled and delivered, depending on your location.


Once your tracking number has been generated, it will be posted under the order information when you log into your account on our website. Please click on the My Order tab to obtain all of your order and tracking information so you can be aware of when to anticipate delivery.


The Sweekids ships all chairs in unopened boxes that come direct from our manufacturer so customers will receive their chairs in pristine condition. If you should receive a product that has been damaged while in transit please reach out to us at and we will certainly be able to address your concerns.


0.1KG–2KG 100  PHP
2.1KG–3KG 120  PHP
3.1KG–4KG 180  PHP
10KG–11KG 299  PHP
13KG–14KG 399  PHP
14.1KG–15KG 499  PHP
18KG–19KG 599  PHP
28KG–30KG 699  PHP
20KG–27.9KG 799  PHP
30.1KG–36KG 948 PHP
36.1KG–45KG 1148  PHP
45.1KG–54KG 1447  PHP
54.1KG–58KG 1747  PHP
58.1KG–70KG 1780  PHP
70.1KG–80KG 2000  PHP
80.1KG–90KG 2300  PHP
90.1KG–100KG 2600  PHP
100.1KG–110KG 2900  PHP
110.1KG–120KG 3400  PHP
120.1KG–130KG 3600  PHP
130.1KG–150KG 4000  PHP


0.1KG–2KG 100  PHP
2.1KG–3KG 140  PHP
3.1KG–4KG 190  PHP
10KG–11KG 399  PHP
13KG–14KG 599  PHP
14.1KG–15KG 599  PHP
18KG–19KG 699  PHP
28KG–30KG 899  PHP
20KG–27.9KG 799  PHP
30.1KG–36KG 1048 PHP
36.1KG–45KG 1248  PHP
45.1KG–54KG 1547  PHP
54.1KG–58KG 1847  PHP
58.1KG–70KG 2200  PHP
70.1KG–80KG 2700  PHP
80.1KG–90KG 2900  PHP
90.1KG–100KG 3100  PHP
100.1KG–110KG 3300  PHP
110.1KG–120KG 3500  PHP
120.1KG–130KG 3700  PHP
130.1KG–150KG 4200  PHP


0.1KG–2KG 165  PHP
2.1KG–3KG 230  PHP
3.1KG–4KG 699  PHP
13KG–14KG 799  PHP
14.1KG–15KG 899  PHP
18KG-19KG 1135 PHP
24KG-25KG 1599 PHP
28KG-30KG 1899 PHP